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Watch These Paris-based Dancers In A Fusion Of Hip-Hop And Bharatanatyam

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Hybrid Bharatham

Image: Instagram

It’s a world where multiple people have experimented with lots of things and emerged as winners. It is also a time when all sorts of closeted creativity is coming out from different corners of the world, and audiences are embracing it with open arms and large hearts!

Such is also the case of a dancing pair based in Paris. Recently, the dancers, Orlane Dede and Usha Jey won hearts on the internet with their unique moves in which they combined two vastly different forms – the popular music genre developed in the 1970s, Hip-Hop, and one of the oldest traditions of Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam.

In this video that Usha posted online, which has since gone viral, Orlane and she are seen fusing the two forms, forming their own unique theme. They can be seen mixing the classical moves to Jack Harlow’s What’s Poppin in Hip-Hop style.

Take a look at the video: 

 Video: Instagram


Usha, who is also the choreographer of the piece, wrote in her Instagram caption, “I call this #HybridBharatham and this is my way of mixing 2 styles that I love. Hip-Hop will always be my first love, but I have a big affection for Bharatanatyam. I’m not an expert of Bharatanatyam yet, but I will be.”

From their reactions, it is evident that netizens are loving what the duo has presented. The video has been viewed over 37,000 times ever since it was shared. Some of the comments read “Absolutely marvellous!”, “Amaaazing!!!”, “This is my type of distraction… Just fire”, and “Terrific!”

One user wrote, “I love this concept! so creative!!Woman!! Keep popping that Natyam!! You have a long way to go….imma wait for regular videos from you guys!” Another wrote, “I can not stop watching this!!!!”

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