Watch: A missing girl and a wayward witch in ŻiguŻajg


This year’s edition of the ŻiguŻajg Festival is going online with events for all ages ranging from musical theatre, opera, DIY and non-verbal theatre.

On this edition of Take a Bow, speaks to Jean Marc Cafà (Ineż Kienet Perfetta) and Lee-N Abela (The Whim Reapers) which are meant for the older festival goers.

Ineż Kienet Perfetta

Ineż is fourteen. Perfect Ineż is what everyone calls her. The ultimate label to aspire to. If you’re fourteen, anyway. Ineż is popular, beautiful, sassy, rebellious, a saint, a social media queen.

Ineż goes missing. During Covid.

Everyone in her small community turns judge and jury. Everyone’s an expert on Ineż. And while she certainly wasn’t perfect, everyone wanted her to be, in some form or other, their own idea of perfection. This story asks: What happens when a person is expected – and has no other option – but to be perfect?

The Whim Reapers

The Whim Reapers is a magical wonder tale and spectacle presented by three beings from afar. The head of this trio – Wanita – brings her minions to Earth to perform a showcase of her otherworldly powers.

Aware of her impending death, Wanita must also find a way to prolong her life. However, the only way to seize and control immortality is by controlling her only two followers – Winston and Wilbert. Her actions might jeopardize the harmony between her two assistants and also break the bond which binds them. Is she willing to destroy a friendship to regain her strength?

Each ticket for the virtual festival costs €7 (per family), which gives you access to a viewing window to see that show. If you wish to learn more or purchase tickets for any Żigużajg events, you may click here.

The ŻiguŻajg Festival will take place up until the 29th November 2020.

This episode was made possible thanks to a grant by ŻiguŻajg


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