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Visual and Performing Arts at Southwestern Academy – Pasadena Schools

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Southwestern Academy offers an arts program that’s varied and rich, offering students a wide variety of media for learning and expression.


SWA’s music studios are well equipped with the latest in music technology as well as grand pianos. Students may take courses in:

• Choral and instrumental music
• Ensemble performance
• Music history, theory, and composition

Theater Arts

The San Marino campus offers many field trips to see theater in the Los Angeles area. Some plays are available each year in Sedona and Flagstaff for students at our Arizona campus. In addition, both campuses produce several plays throughout the year.

Visual Arts

Students have the opportunity to express themselves and receive creative instruction in:

• Computer graphics
• Drawing
• Film
• Multimedia
• Painting
• Photography
• Web Design


You may enjoy having your writing included in publications that have been printed at Southwestern since 1924. They include:

• The Confab, the school’s yearbook
• SEEDS, Southwestern’s creative writing and art magazine

Southwestern Academy, 2800 Monterey Road, San Marino, (626) 799-5010 or visit





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