Three Choreographers Appointed As Young Creative Associates of Dutch National Ballet

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The talented young choreographers Milena Sidorova, Sedrig Verwoert and Wubkje Kuindersma have been appointed the new Young Creative Associates of Dutch National Ballet.

Dutch National Ballet started this initiative in 2017, whereby talented young choreographers are given the chance to develop, through a three-year association with the company.

The Young Creative Associates receive artistic and practical support, which includes choreographic commissions and the provision of mentorship in making artistic decisions. They also have access to Dutch National Ballet’s rehearsal studios and dancers.

Sidorova, Verwoert and Kuindersma have been appointed for a period of three years. They succeed Juanjo Arqués and Peter Leung, who were the first to receive the appointment in 2017.

Ted Brandsen, director of Dutch National Ballet:
“All three choreographers have previously created work for Dutch National Ballet and/or the Junior Company, and shown a developing style that is personal, specific and inspiring. They represent a new generation of choreographers who are important for the future of our company and of ballet in our country. Their appointment as Young Creative Associates will enable them to develop further as artists, in a more structured way, within the possibilities we offer as a company”.Milena Sidorova:
“It’s a great honour, partly because it’s the first time in Dutch National Ballet’s history that an active dancer has been given such an appointment. And it’s a recognition of the development I’m undergoing as a choreographer. I’m looking forward to the collaboration and to being inspired as a choreographer by the fantastic ballet masters and phenomenal dancers, also because of their openness to experiment and willingness to always take that extra step. And I hope to learn a lot from collaborating with talented set and costume designers as well”.Sedrig Verwoert:
“I’m incredibly happy that this has crossed my path and I’m looking forward to continuing my work with the company. As a freelance choreographer, I can now focus on my artistic development within Dutch National Ballet. I’m planning to play with different and maybe neglected narratives within ballet and to take a modern approach to it. Something new and contemporary. I hope that we are heading down a diverse and inclusive pathway, making everyone feel welcome in this art form”.Wubkje Kuindersma:
“I’m happy and honoured. I love the company’s quality and artistry, and its outstanding dancers, artistic management and team. Being able to continue my artistic journey as a choreographer with Dutch National Ballet is a dream come true! I’m really looking forward to making abstract, modern, poetic and narrative ballets, as well as multidisciplinary creations and films. Through the medium of dance, I hope to move the audience and to contribute as much as possible to the company”.The Young Creative Associates form a structural part of Dutch National Ballet’s strategy with regard to talent development for young choreographers. Since 2017, this successful strategy has comprised three cornerstones, each with their own goal and focus: ‘Young Creative Associates’, ‘New Moves’ and the ‘Choreographic Academy’.

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