The High Republic authors discuss state of the Jedi as Lucasfilm releases new galaxy timeline

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Authors of the Star Wars: The High Republic publishing initiative have discussed the present state of the Jedi and Lucasfilm has released a new timeline of the galaxy.

The High Republic is now officially underway with the first book Light of the Jedi being released this week. To celebrate the start of this new era of Star Wars, Lucasfilm released a trailer, held a live event, and even gave us a timeline to help us wrap our heads around where all the major Star Wars properties fit.


The live event saw the authors of the new era discuss the state of the galaxy, republic, and the Jedi during this time period. Cavan Scott (via SWNN) had this to say about the Jedi Order:

“There are Jedi temples on every major planet. They are with the people. They are part of life. That gives them a bit of responsibility to the people.”

Charles Soule had this to say about the Republic: “It’s a big galaxy and there’s plenty of people. There’s a whole Republic. The High Republic is a galactic government that is run by a very enlightened chancellor named Chancellor Lina Soh. And she has generated sort of a motto for the galaxy that has been by and large bought into, which is, ‘We are all the Republic,’ which is a phrase that I think is meaningful because it means that despite all of our differences, despite — and in Star Wars, people are very, very different.”


Soule also discussed the major threat of the time that kicks of the story: “It is great in terms of scope and scale. There is a problem with hyperspace and it begins to involve a very large swap of the Outer Rim. ‘Light of the jedi’ begins with that disaster and the response of the Republic and the Jedi to it allows us to meet a broad group of new characters who people will hopefully fall in love with. It takes up the first third of the book. But not just that book, because the rest of the books also cover it. There will be many cool events like that to come.”

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The High Republic seems like it’s going to be a fascinating period of Star Wars storytelling and all that has been announced so far is only part of phase one, with two more phases to comes. We also know that we will see The High Republic come to life on screen in the Disney+ show The Acolyte but that is likely some time away yet.



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