The Evolution of Electronic Dance Music

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The first electronic dance music bestseller of the year is a collaboration between Disclosure and Zayleth, called Lights. This is the second installment of the collaboration that began with Odesk Audio. This album is full of futuristic electronica and is extremely melodic. It is well worth the money without doubt and could very well push Disclosure into the big leagues of mainstream dance music. The three minute long track, “Touch”, is without a doubt the highlight of the album. The single “Burning Love” is just as incredible as the aforementioned track and features many guest stars from Disclosure such as Mat Kosler, Ash Stymest, Skye Westwood and Kurt Woods.

Another new and exciting dance tune this year is Disclosure’s “lderryale”. This is a huge leap forward in the ever-growing history of Disclosure and shows their influence on modern day dance music. This track has received a massive amount of attention from the press and fans everywhere and is well worth the buy. Its main difficulty is that it is not exactly the smoothest dance tune, but is certainly not a dud.

One of the biggest surprises this year has been Disclosure. They have not released an album this year and it is widely expected that they will be releasing a brand new single very soon. Their last album More Than This was considered by many to be their masterpiece and they certainly delivered on that count with this collection. It contains eight original songs, which are spread across the whole album. It also contains two B-Sides and one bonus track. The quality of Disclosure albums is generally quite good and their production is top notch so we should expect great things from their new endeavor.

One of the pioneers of the modern electronic dance scene is relatively unknown artist Bong-Ra. Although he has only released one single, it has quickly become very popular with fans worldwide. It is very raw and sounds very raw, but fans are quickly able to get immersed in the music. It is also worth noting that Bong-Ra has actually released quite a few singles over the years, which only proves how popular he is as a solo artist. His songs have always had great production values and are well worth the purchase price for anyone interested in electronic dance music.

Another artist who is making a name for himself in the world of electronic dance is Aaron Spectre. Since he began producing and performing as a solo artist in 2020 his music has been immensely popular amongst electronic music fans. He has four full length albums, which have all been successful selling albums. His latest album, Crystals, is expected to be one of the biggest sellers of the year. The singles have also proven to be very popular and have consistently sold extremely well, including hits like Nothing At All and No Way Now.

A new kid on the block has also impressed many of us with his first two albums. Kaleidoscope received great reviews from fans and critics alike and was recently nominated for an MTV award. Matt Corby has also signed with Cash Money Records and is expecting to release his first single in the fall.

One of the newest up and coming acts in the electronic music scene is the duty team. They have gained popularity playing around the globe and have played numerous shows at major events such as the Coachella Music Fest in California. The main band, consisting of members from Dutch and Mythos fame, consist of Lee Brice, Peter Cramond, Aaron Spectre, JP Bates and Alex Wall. They have a unique style of mixing dance with hip-hop and electronica. Their set style is extremely impressive and their set list constantly changes, proving they have no fear when it comes to performing live.

As you can see there are so many different electronic dance music artists out there. The growth of this style of music has increased exponentially over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime in the near future. Even though this may be the case, the best way to see them is through their live shows, where they showcase not only their talents but also their unique brand of electronic dance music. There is nothing quite like seeing a live show in its truest form, and if you happen to be in Melbourne, take advantage of it.

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