TA-LA: The Divine Gift

Drutam is Magic, Drutam is Dance !

Do please watch our performance of TA-LA – The Divine Gift , on BookMyShow. The program will be available for viewing for 24 hrs, that is, Friday 30 April 7 pm to Saturday 1 May – 7 pm. Book your tickets on BookMyShow . For queries you can reach us on [email protected]

About :

Tandav & Lasya – Purush & Prakriti – Ying & Yang

An exploration of the female and male forces within us, using the rhythms and beats of Indian dance. The story of the creation of the “Ardhanarishwar”, the masculine and feminine energies with each body, both of which is required to bring about balance and harmonious rhythm in the universe forms the central theme of the presentation. Bharatanatyam, the oldest Indian classical dance is the main style of dance used in this production. The unique combination of poetry, music and dance creates an enthralling presentation of traditional pure dance in a contemporary format.

Anusree Bonnerjee & Nilesh Singha, lead dancers of Drutam Dance Ideas Lab will present this thematic multimedia performance.

Script and Narration by Sudipta Dhruva.

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