Sowing new seeds in contemporary dance 

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There is no doubt that since ŻfinMalta’s inception in 2014, Malta’s contemporary dance scene has undergone a true Renaissance. This has mainly been due to the national dance company’s efforts to support and empower dance crea­tives, and nurture a thriving and sustainable scene locally.

Through ŻfinMalta’s participatory programmes, and its dedication to dance education, so many have been exposed to the world of contemporary dance, and artists from all walks of life have found a new home in the national dance company. Audiences have been able to enjoy an influx of new, thought-provoking works from local and international artists alike, which has, in turn, encouraged more crea­tives to take the plunge and present their creations to the world.

ŻfinMade, the latest initiative curated by artistic director Paolo Mangiola, co-produced with Spazju Kreattiv, and in collaboration with the Valletta Cultural Agency, once again shines the spotlight on emerging choreographers as they present their original work for the first time this November.

Felix Deepen.

An extension of the company’s Artist in Residence programme, ŻfinMade is no ordinary stand-alone show. Over the past months, ŻfinMalta has provided seven choreographers with high-quality resources to create new, original work, which will be showcased over the span of four days in November at Spazju Kreattiv.

ŻfinMalta’s commitment to nurturing these local artists saw them collaborating with the company’s artistic director and dancers, as well as being introduced to high-profile international dance dramaturgs Rodia Vomvolou and Thomas Schaupp, who mentored the artists throughout their creative process. Both Vomvolou and Schaupp work with a variety of independent choreographers, dance companies, theatres and productions across Europe, thus providing priceless insight and advice to ŻfinMade’s choreographers. The solos are also complemented by Moritz Zavan Stoeckle’s light design, and costumes by Julia Boikova.

Artists from all walks of life have found a new home in the national dance company

It is in the wide range of themes and dance forms explored by the choreographers that ŻfinMade truly shines, and through which it will leave audiences awestruck and pensive.

Not So Loud pulses with Zoe Camilleri’s indignation towards the normali­sation of gender stereotyping in our society, and its blind acceptance; Julienne Schembri and Deborah Falzon also explore the female struggle in Her, this time, through the eyes of one woman’s journey of forced migration.

Me to Me turns our attention to the internal trials and tribulations of a human being going through a personal experience, as Diane Portelli portrays the often conflicting narratives we all struggle with internally.

Mathieu Chabaneix-AmorMathieu Chabaneix-Amor

While Rochelle Gatt’s This is Not a Solo investigates the data crisis going on in our tech-dominated world, Non-Linear Body/ies explores the connections within, as Maria Concetta Cariello reflects on the intimate connections in all aspects of our inner existence, and the wisdom of the body. Finally, Gaby Davies’ abstract-narrative piece It-Traċċa resonates around the concept of vulnerability, highlighting the individual’s psychological journey.

While ŻfinMade represents these artists’ most high-profile event to date, all choreographers are highly adept at their craft, with most of them entering the world of dance from the moment they could stand on their own two feet. Audiences can therefore expect powerful performances, reflective of years of hard work and passion for dance.

Now more than ever, as our communities go through extraordinary times, digital experiences have become part of our daily lives. Spazju Kreattiv, in its bid to take the arts online, is not only hosting this unique initiative physically, but also virtually. This digital experience will provide viewers with access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage to ŻfinMade, and therefore a truly intimate insight into the creative process which leads to the final work and its performance. Thanks to a carefully planned logistical set-up, online audiences are guaranteed an equally immersive experience, from the comfort of their homes.

ŻfinMade is a co-production with Spazju Kreattiv, presented in collaboration with Valletta Cultural Agency. ŻfinMade will be held from November 26 to 29 at 8pm, at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta, or online. Tickets for both the physical and virtual shows are available at

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