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South Korean Singer Accused of Mocking Indian Culture in TikTok Video, Tenders Apology

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South Korean singer Lee Sun Mi, also known as Sunmi, is facing social media backlash after being accused of mocking Indian culture in a TikTok video. In a video that has gone viral, Sunmi is seen dancing with the other two dancers wherein people have accused them of copying Indian classical dance. Also Read – South Korea Puts Up Breathtaking Drone Show to Thank Doctors, Remind People About Covid-19 Measures

According to many people on Twitter, the hand gestures and head movements of the three dancers in the video are quite similar to the Indian art form.

While some people had no problems with it, many others slammed the singer and accused her of making a mockery of Indian classical dance.

One user wrote, ”Hey Sunmi, this sound on TikTok is used in an offending manner towards Indians. where the hand gestures & head bobs are a mockery of Indian classical dances. please delete this! thank you.”

Seeing the situation get out of hand, Sunmi took responsibility and tendered an apology.

Apologising to her fans, she wrote, ”There is no reason or intention for me to mock the culture of other countries. It’s because of my ignorance of the culture. I apologize for being ignorant about the culture of other countries. And I’d like to say that I am truly sorry to those who have been hurt by my ignorance”.

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