Sophie Turner stars in new crime thriller heavy, and more celebrity news


Game of Thrones is over, but Game of Thrones stars are still out there making it happen. Case in point: Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) is in a new movie called Heavy, which was filmed a couple years back but being released on demand this month. She plays Maddie, the wife of drug dealer Sev (Daniel Zovatto), who gets in deep with the wrong people, as drug deal protagonists in movies tend to do.

Based on the trailer, things get pretty tragic pretty fast. Check it out:

Heavy is available on demand starting February 9. Perfect Valentine’s Day movie, amirite?

Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) meets Mozart in The Magic Flute

Meanwhile, the world is finally giving us what we’ve always wanted: a chance to see Ramsay Bolton act out the works of Mozart.

What you didn’t always want that?

Anyway, Variety reports that Iwan Rheon — who played the sadistic Ramsay on Game of Thrones — will appear in Roland Emmerich’s The Magic Flute, playing the bird catcher Papageno from Mozart’s famous opera.

That said, this isn’t exactly an adaptation of the original Magic Flute. It’s set in modern day Europe, and follows 17-year-old singer Tim Walker (Jack Wolfe) as he travels from London to the Austrian Alps to attend a Mozart boarding school. There, he discovers a forgotten passageway that takes him into the world of The Magic Flute, so it’s like The Magic Flute with some Chronicles of Narnia tossed in there.

The movie also features several legit opera stars, so I assume there will be singing. That said, while Iwan Rheon does have a music career, I don’t get the impression that he can sing opera. Maybe I’m wrong?

The Magic Flute is due out in 2022.

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