Sonoma ballet studio to offer free teddy bear tea party

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Earlier this year, nine local students at Sonoma Conservatory of Dance (SCD) passed their Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet exams. The RAD is an international organization that aims to give students a shared vocabulary and set a radiant example of dance teaching all over the world.

The examinations themselves focus on the students’ artistry as well as their physical skill and understanding of ballet’s key concepts, and in a normal year, nearly a quarter of a million candidates participate worldwide. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local students were among the last to participate in the RAD’s exams, as they were temporarily shut down in the United States the very next day following SCD’s participation.

Several of the students will next perform in Sonoma Conservatory of Dance’s virtual Teddy Bear Tea Party. The tea party, which is free, will premiere on Sunday, Dec. 13 (and will be available online until July 1, 2021). The day before, young dance fans have the option to participate in a live Zoom call with the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Snow Maiden.

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All nine of SCD’s candidates passed their exams, with seven of them achieving the mark of “merit.” While the participating students ranged from age 12 to 16 years old, SCD offers classes for everyone, outdoors and over Zoom.

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