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Sofia Carson was moved to tears by the “incredibly emotional” contemporary dance routine in Feel the Beat.

In the new Netflix movie, the Descendants actress plays April, a failed Broadway dancer who goes home to Wisconsin and ends up teaching a children’s dance class to help them win a national competition.

Out of all the dance sequences in the movie, Sofia’s highlights were her solo dance in a barn and her contemporary dance routine with the children as she found them so moving.

“It was incredibly emotional. That scene and the barn dance, I cried and held back tears through most of it,” she told “There was something about that moment that felt so liberating and so real.

“We actually learned that (contemporary) piece two days before we shot it. All of us, myself and our incredible cast of young girls, just started sobbing when they showed it to us… It was beautiful. It was kind of the heart of our film.”

The 27-year-old has been dancing she was three years old and has competed in national competitions.

However, she still needed to train for two months before filming began to prepare for the role.

“I had two months of training before the film started to be in the physicality of what it meant to be a competitive dancer,” she explained. “It was a two-month process of preparation and rehearsals, and there was so much choreography in how April’s story is told through dance. I had to make sure that was captured… But it was amazing to dance like that again and to feel the physicality and the emotional challenges of being a dancer.”

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