Simon Cowell Does Most Awkward Dance EVER During This ‘BGT’ Act [VIDEO]

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DJ Murray Mint was the very last contestant to audition for Season 12 of ‘BGT.’ And, he did not disappoint with his fun dance routine. But when he called the ‘BGT’ judges up onto the stage to join his dance party, Simon Cowell showed us that he is the most awkward dancer ever. Check out the audition below.

Simon Cowell Showed Off Awkward Dance Moves During DJ Murray Mint’s Act

During the audition, Murray from Middlesbrough spoke with an American accent. He wore a jumpsuit with flames on it. Music began playing after Murray announced that he was taking everyone back to 1976. Three dancers came out from backstage and made their way down to the judge’s table. One of the dancers handed Simon a balloon and placed a lei around his neck. He looked petrified when Murray asked for everyone to get up and dance along. Ant & Dec and a few staff members ran onto the stage and started dancing with the crew.

All four of the judges were brought up onto the stage including a reluctant Simon. Everyone pretty much nailed the choreography aside from Simon who looked like a lost puppy. Even David Walliams gave it his best effort while Simon stood next to him attempting to clap to the beat. Simon looked around to try and follow the other dancers as he awkwardly mouthed the words of the song. Simon looked very relieved when the performance was over.


All four judges gave Murray and his act a “yes” despite having to go up on stage unexpectedly. “Perfect way to end the show and the auditions,” Simon said. But let’s be real, the image of Simon trying to dance will never leave our minds. Luckily for Simon, he was saved from any future embarrassment because Murray was not chosen to perform in the Semi-Finals.

This is not the only time Simon has been humiliated on television. Check out the compilation below featuring 10 acts that totally embarrassed him on talent competition shows.

Where Is Murray Now?

After turning ‘BGT’ into one massive dance party, Murray actually has his own spot on the radio. He goes live every Saturday playing 70s and 80s Classics from 7 pm to 9 pm on the station CVFM 10.5FM. He has established quite the career for himself with his time as a DJ and disc jockey. He continues to play at events and turn everything into fun dance parties with his squad of dancers.

“We are still in strange times and the entertainment business is having one of its worst periods ever! We will come through and party like never before, keep the faith!!” he recently wrote on Instagram. “I’ve got some events upcoming, details to follow.. all under restrictions, but a chance to enjoy some entertainment and of course The Best In D.I.S.C.O Music!!!”


How would you rate Simon’s dancing skills during this ‘BGT’ act?

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