‘Shining light’ will be missed

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I hope we all remember Walter E. Williams as I do. My knowledge of him is through his articles in this paper. He was a shining light and voiced a vastly different perspective than we hear today in the mainstream.

He had a way of “going naked” on issues that I greatly appreciated. The issues of quality of education, employment opportunity and safety confronting this country are complicated, require work by everyone and cannot simply passed off as a byproduct of the a legacy of the institution of slavery in this country. By laying his cards on the table, I always felt more comfortable to lay my cards on the table. He spoke to serious issues and endorsed a philosophy of raising everyone up and spoke to the dangers of dumbing ourselves down.



I can only imagine the price that he paid for going against the grain of the current activism. I imagine to many he was considered “skin folk but not kin folk.” I found through his articles the ability to examine my own beliefs and to admit my own faults and misconceptions and a willingness to find opportunities to become a better person interested in improving the general welfare of all in need, regardless of race, creed, national origin, religion and sexual orientation, because he espoused a willingness to do the same, in a very human and relatable way.

I thank him for that, He will be missed and cannot be replaced.

David Clark



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