Pink Talking Fish Guitarist Cal Kehoe Covers The Who’s “1921” To Welcome 2021 [Watch]


From the moment the clock struck midnight on Friday morning, spirits around the globe were lifted as we all said good riddance to 2020. With the advent of a new year comes the hope for brighter days ahead for humanity. Optimistic soul and Pink Talking Fish guitarist Cal Kehoe shared his enthusiasm for 2021 with a timely cover of The Who‘s “1921”.

Off The Who’s 1969 rock opera Tommy, “1921” paints a picture of a world with some similarities to our own. The world was still reeling from the aftermath of the Spanish Flu which infected over 500 million people as well as the lingering aftermath of World War I.

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However, Roger Daltrey‘s repeated phrase of “Gotta feeling ’21 is/Is going to be a good year/Especially if you and me/See it in together,” refers more to the main character of Tommy who, as anyone who has ever heard the record knows, did not have a good year in ’21. Let’s hope we all fair better than that deaf, dumb, and blind kid.

For Kehoe’s cover of “1921”, he is joined by his fellow PTF bandmate Zack Burwick on drums. The song is relatively brief—at least by Pink Talking Fish standard—but is a quick hit of optimism that hopefully gets the year off to a proper start. I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year.

Watch Pink Talking Fish guitarist Cal Kehoe cover “1921” by The Who, and have a Happy New Year.

Cal Kehoe – “1921” (The Who)


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