'Peru: Stunning aerial footage shows huge flock of sheep forming an impressive choreography '

‘Stunning drone footage showcasing a remarkable sheep choreography, has surfaced from Huanca Sancos, Peru. “I traveled to Huanca Sancos to make a personal documentary about landscapes in this part of Peru,” the filmer, Angel Ramirez stated. “When I reached a livestock area known as the ‘Pampa de Qaracha,’ I spotted a lagoon nearby, so I raised the drone to register the place.” Angel added: “A few moments later, I discovered a whole flock of sheep, who, alerted by the drone, began to form a whole ‘choreography’ in the field. It’s a visual that I will never forget.” This breathtaking scene was caught on camera on April 2, 2021. Name: Angel Ramirez Location: HuancaSancos, Ayacucho, Peru’

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