Performance Linked Anxiety – A Workshop For Artists by Chaitali Gursahani

Anxiety and Performance are closely linked. Although anxiety seems scary, its essential for a good performance! Here you’ll get a sneak-peek into how to use anxiety for your benefit and gain an insight into tackling it.

Key Takeaway’s for the audience involve –

  • MORE CONFIDENCE: Once we know what’s holding us back, we can perform better.
  • MORE POWER OVER NEGATIVE THOUGHTS : Tackling those damn nagging thoughts of failure or not being good enough.
  • KNOW YOURSELF BETTER : Getting curious as to what’s actually happening inside our head and body and using it to our benefit.
  • TIPS & EXERCISES : on dealing with performance linked anxiety

About Chaitali Gursahani
She is a former Journalist and a Psychological Counselor. She is also the founder of The Mind Curry a holistic online counselling platform for individuals and organisations. She was part of the corporate culture before she realized that mental health is as important as physical health and that most of us live with a lot of unprocessed thoughts and feelings that hold us back or stuck in time. She believes that, everything can be worked out, in a safe space that is created just to hear you out with empathy, unconditional positive regard and respect. She is certified to deal with anxiety, depression , daily life issues, self esteem and confidence issues. She can be contacted on [email protected]

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