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Paris-based Dancers Concoct A Fusion Of Hip-hop & Bharatanatyam

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In today’s modern and contemporary world, music mashups, remakes, fusion in any art form have become the ‘in’ thing. And TBH, some of the improvised versions of dance and music does give us that extra edge and kick, like this duo’s fusion dance performance.


Fusion dance is basically combining two different dance styles to create something completely new. But who would have thought mixing hip-hop and Bharatanatyam would be so aesthetically pleasing? Well, I was completely in awe of this Paris-based dancing duo when they aced the ‘Hybrid Bharatham’ with such ease, reported Indian Express.

In a video shared by one of the performers Usha Jey, the two women (Usha and Orlane Dede) can be seen donning bright yellow sarees and performing a fusion of hip-hop and Bharatanatyam to the tunes of Jack Harlow’s ‘What’s Poppin’.

Take a look at their performance:

Well, like me, people online also thought that they nailed it. Here’s how they reacted:

Loved this video? Here are other fusion performances by some amazingly talented artists choreographed by Usha. Take a look:

Wow, this is hands down one of the best fusion dances I have seen in a while now. More power to you!

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