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Inspiring women in music

Opera Kelowna is pleased to announce the launch of the National Women in Musical Leadership fellowship which inspires women in music.

Women In Musical Leadership is an opportunity for music directors and conductors to advance and expand their talent pool in Canada.

The initiative was first announced in October 2020 and it is led coordinated by Tapestry Opera, Canada’s leading producer of contemporary opera, in partnership with Pacific Opera Victoria and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The initiative has also collaborated with Opera Kelowna, one of Canada’s leading opera and musical organizations.

The inaugural conductors for the first phase of the program are Canadians Juliane Gallant and Jennifer Tung.

The women will be mentored by veteran conductors Rosemary Thomson from Opera Kelowna and Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, as well as JoAnn Falletta from Buffalo Philharmonic.

“As of 2019, less than ten percent of conductors in the largest Canadian opera companies were women. I am proud to be part of changing this dynamic, and I am honoured to have the opportunity to share my knowledge as a musician and my experiences and perspectives as a woman to these amazing artists,” says Thomson.


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