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Online Petition Calls for Quality Arts Education for Ridgefield Public Schools

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As of 3:15 on January 20, two-hundred Ridgefield residents have signed an online petition calling for “Quality Arts Education for Ridgefield Public Schools”. 

The petition begins, “As taxpayers and citizens of Ridgefield, we call for a renewed commitment to a quality curriculum and adequate funding for the visual arts in Ridgefield Public Schools.”

Launched on the platform GoPetition on January 17 by Sarah Hanley, the petition calls for the following measures to be adopted in the 2021-2022 RPS budget and curriculum:

1. Reinstate former levels of staffing at the Elementary School level – one teacher per school, for a total of 6.0 certified staff
2. Provide a year-long arts curriculum at the Middle School level, adding one more teacher, for a total of 4.0 certified staff
3. Provide basic instructional hours equal to those provided for other essential subject areas at the elementary and middle schools.
4. Provide adequate staffing for a RISE art program to be offered at all schools and for all students who qualify.
5. Provide adequate staffing for an honors art program to be offered at all schools and for all students who qualify.
6. Provide adequate staffing, funding, and curricula guidelines to allow students and teachers to take advantage of our rich local visual arts organizations.
7. Provide adequate staffing to support art shows in each of the schools and downtown, once conditions allow it.

You can read and sign the petition HERE.

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