Okanagan opera singer goes pop with latest single


Okanagan residents will certainly recognize the scenery, but they may also recognize the artist behind a popular new music video.

Just over a year ago, Justin J. Moore went viral with a unique opera collaboration alongside his father that has racked up over 250,000 views on YouTube.

The Okanagan resident has now returned with a brand new single that you’re more likely to hear on the radio airwaves than the opera house.

“I move between genres frequently, opera is where my soul is, it’s my ancestry and family, but there’s a big piece of me that loves pop music,” said Moore.

Penned as Moore worked his way through a rough breakup, the song’s verses were written a month apart to better document the healing process.

Starring Chelsea Tansey and Taylor Mcknight, with Brody Jones behind the camera and Jackson Parker directing, the music video features several Kelowna landmarks including the Tree of Hope.

“We grew up here, we know where the good spots are,” laughed Moore.

“None of us are pros yet, but it’s a group of really talented individuals and I think we made something exceptional with this piece.”

After producing the entire song himself over six months, Moore says he has a few more releases in the works for 2021.

One of which will likely once again showcase his astounding opera vocal chops.

To keep up with Moore and his music, click here.


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