Nostalgia Quiz: Manchester’s place in cutting edge cinema

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Photo: Actor George Formby with wife Beryl, March 1939 (01435813) (C) Mirrorpix

Christmas has always been a time for watching great movies – even more so this year as Coronavirus restrictions keep us apart from family and friends.

But did you know that Manchester has a unique place in the British film industry?

From the early productions of John E. Blakeley and the Mancunian Films Corporation to the kitchen-sink dramas of the 1960s, the city has been renowned for cutting edge cinema.

Hobson’s Choice, A Taste of Honey, Hell is a City, Love on the Dole, A Kind of Loving and Charlie Bubbles are just some of the movies produced in the Manchester area.

More recently, the city has been the setting for films like East is East, Velvet Goldmine and 24 Hour Party People.

How well do you know your movie classics? Why not test your knowledge in our nostalgia quiz and compare your score with friends?

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

George Formby ironing at home with his wife Beryl, March 1939 (01435813) (C) Mirrorpix
  1. In 1934, George Formby was the star of John E. Blakeley’s first production Boots! Boots! about a hotel porter breaking into song at every opportunity.

    Where was singer and entertainer Formby born?

A) Wigan
B) Oldham
C) Bolton?

2. Gone With the Wind star Vivien Leigh appeared in the play South Sea Bubble at Manchester Opera House in 1956.

Who played her co-star, Rhett Butler, in Gone With the Wind?

A) Douglas Fairbanks Junior
B) Leslie Howard
C) Clark Gable?

John Mills filming Hobson’s Choice, September 1953 (00041838) (c) Mirrorpix

3. Filmed in Salford in 1954, Hobson’s Choice starred John Mills as the overbearing father bent on thwarting his daughters’ weddings.

After Hobson’s Choice, Mills famously won an Oscar for his portrayal of the simpleton Michael in which 1970 film?

A) Love Story
B) There Was a Crooked Man
C) Ryan’s Daughter?

Rita Tushingham on the set of A Taste of Honey, April 1961 (00158028) (c) Mirrorpix

4. Who played Rita Tushingham’s alcoholic mother in the 1961 movie A Taste of Honey written by Salford playwright Shelagh Delaney?

A) Dora Bryan
B) Beryl Reid
C) Googie Withers?

5. Which actor played producer Tony Wilson in the 2002 comedy-drama Party People based on the Manchester music scene?

A) Ewan McGregor
B) Steve Coogan
C) David Thewlis?

Alec Guinness, the star of The Man in the White Suit, May 1959 (00876596) (c) Mirrorpix

6. Lancashire cotton mills inspired the 1951 comedy The Man in the White Suit, starring Alec Guinness.

It told the story of an everlasting new fabric that threatened local livelihoods.

Sixteen years later, what what role did Guinness play in Star Wars?

A) Han Solo
B) Anakin Skywalker
C) Obi-Wan Kenobi?

7. Who played Manchester police inspector Harry Martineau in the 1960 film Hell is a City?

A) Stanley Baker
B) Hywel Bennett
C) Patrick McGoohan?

8. East is East actor Jimi Mistry portrayed which character in Coronation Street?

A) Kal Nazir
B) Dev Alahan
C) Marc Anwar?

9. The 1941 film Love on the Dole, set in Lancashire, featured Deborah Kerr as Sally Hardcastle.

In which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical did Kerr play teacher Anna Leonowens?

A) South Pacific
B) The King and I
C) The Sound of Music?

Albert Finney filming Charlie Bubbles in a Manchester amusement arcade, October 1966 (00053965) (c) Mirrorpix

10. Salford-born actor Albert Finney teamed up with Liza Minnelli in the 1967 movie Charlie Bubbles, set in Manchester.

In which 1974 film did Finney play master detective Hercule Poirot?

A) The Mirror Crack’d
B) Murder on the Orient Express
C) Murder on the Nile?

Answers: 1 (A); 2 (C); 3 (C); 4 (A); 5 (B); 6 (C); 7 (A); 8 (A); 9 (B); 10 (B)

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