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LOS ANGELES – Greek-American Maria Menounos is soon-to-be a parent of multiples with husband Kevin Undergaro, according to People magazine. 

“The television personality, 42, and her husband Keven Undergaro are currently expecting their first children together, she recently hinted at on her Better Together show,” People reported, adding that during the January 5 episode, Menounos said that she and her husband “are considering moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, saying one plus is the sense of community her future kids would grow up with.”

“We are definitely entertaining this, by the way,” she said of the possible move, People reported, adding that “it is beautiful, [and] we are going to have a family. We want to raise them somewhere where there will be kids next door to play with and you’re not afraid. L.A. just doesn’t have that.”

She noted that “especially in the kid phase of our lives, [I] want something different. … I think Nashville might be Mama Bear’s bed,” People reported.

“Prior to that, Menounos teased the 2021 arrival of her babies on the way in the Dec. 15 episode of Better Together,” People reported, adding that “the star became emotional while sharing how the promise of the newborns helped her encourage her mother Litsa amid a serious health battle. Litsa has been dealing with a brain tumor after battling stage 4 brain cancer, and last month she contracted COVID-19.”

“The thing I keep saying to my mom is, ‘We’re going to get better every minute of every day, Mom. Every minute of every day we’re getting better and better.’ … That’s my mantra,” she said, People reported, “Yesterday, I said to her, ‘You gotta get strong, you gotta hang on — you’ve got grandchildren coming, and they might even be showing up…’ well, they’re definitely showing up next year. I was gonna say around a certain time, but I won’t share yet because I don’t wanna — anyway!”

Menounos then joked “that she was going to put her babies in Christmas stockings and write ‘diva No. 1 and diva No. 2’ on them,” and said that “her mother was noticeably ‘hanging on’ with the promise of grandkids,” People reported.

“I said, ‘Are you excited?’ and she goes, ‘I’m very excited.’ I was like, ‘Okay, Mom,'” said Menounos, People reported, noting that “someone told Menounos that her mother is ‘negotiating with me — she wants grandchildren.’”

“Well, I’m giving them to her, it’s happening,” she recalled responding, as the person then replied, “You need to show her paperwork; you need to tell her it’s really happening,” and Menounos said, “She is hanging on for this, and she will,” People reported.

Menounos and Undergaro spoke to People in 2018 about the prospect of having children and at that time shared that surrogacy was under consideration. “Since Menounos had a benign brain tumor removed in 2017, they had to consult doctors about pursuing a pregnancy,” People reported.

“We definitely want children,” said Undergaro at the time, “but I’m very concerned about her going through a pregnancy, and I would like to explore [using a] surrogate because her body has been through hell. I want a baby desperately, but I don’t want it to be at the risk of her health,” People reported.

In November 2019, Menounos told Entertainment Tonight that they “were moving forward with the surrogacy process,” People reported.

“Today, Kevin finally sent in our paperwork to the surrogate agency because it’s been sitting on my desk for, like, two weeks,” she said at the time, People reported, adding that “I put it on his desk and said, ‘Can you just scan this and send it in? Let’s go have these kids!’… You never know. Maybe by next Christmas we’ll have little Marias and Kevins running around.”

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