Local Colorado Folk Duo Announces Debut Album

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Matt and Madeline Shugert. Photo credits – Kirsten Cohen Photography.

Folk Duo Matt and Madeline Shugert have announced the release of their debut duo album The Aim Was Song Friday, March 12.

The duo began working on their debut album during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020 when Matt and Madeline spent hours in song as well as poetry. The album features elements of American folk music, bluegrass and jazz.

The Aim Was Song was recorded at Colorado Sound Studios in Denver and consists of eleven based on poems by the renowned American poet Robert Frost. Each poem is lively worked into song by Matt and Madeline through vocals, cohesive strings and layered percussion played by Christian Teele.

Album cover for The Aim Was Song. Photo credits – Kirsten Cohen Photography.

The songs provide relatable simplicity through themes of nature, rural life and impending change of seasons in addition to deeper feelings of loneliness, longing and isolation such as Frost’s poetry. Frost’s poems often contain hope and optimism which is reflected in the album.

The tracklisting for The Aim Was Song is as follows:

  1. Love and a Question
  2. October
  3. My November Guest
  4. A Late Walk
  5. The Need of Being Versed in Country Things
  6. The Aim Was Song
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Acquainted
  9. Nothing Gold Can Stay
  10. Reluctance
  11. Into My Own

Matt and Madeline aim to pay tribute to Frost’s poetry and desire to share the transformative and healing power of song.

For more information regarding Matt and Madeline Shugert, including where to listen to their music, visit:

Northern Colorado LiveMarket

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