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If you wish to hone your dancing skills, then this online class is for you. At Contemporary Dance- Online Live Classes, participants can work on their contemporary dance skills. Contemporary is a mix of classical, modern, Jazz, modern ballet and more. This is a technical dance style which focuses on modern ballet leg work and controlled movements of the torso. Organised by Bloom and Glow, at this online class participants will learn many techniques like space awareness, partnering work, weight shifts, floor work, fall & recovery, improvisation and flying low. This dance style will help students improve core strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and over all body conditioning.

The online classes will begin from July 4 and will be conducted by Arushi Rawtani. People above eight years are eligible to participate in the class. Arushi Rawtani is the founder and artistic director of Feather Feet Dance studio and started dancing at the age of 4. She has learnt from various teachers from across India and abroad. She is a professional in contemporary and belly dance. Arushi has also trained in Yoga, aerial yoga and aerobics. She has also represented India in the SMARK international dance festival in Dubai in 2018 and Island Dance Competition In Malinska, Croatia in 2019.

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