Kristin Storla And Ash Anderson: The Importance Of Fight/Intimacy Choreographers On Stage

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Meryl Streep once said “The best thing about acting is when you’re playing a scene and you actually become your character and lose yourself in that moment. Those are truly thrilling moments.” Some of those thrilling moments can be physically challenging as well.

In recent years, such challenging scenes–where there is combat or intimacy–may involve a special choreographer. “City Lights’” host Lois Reitzes spoke with fight and intimacy choreographer Kristin Storla and intimacy director/choreographer Ash Anderson. They’ve both worked on several films and productions in the Atlanta area.

“I find that the acknowledgement of the work (intimacy directing) is growing and what a great thing that is. It’s still a process that Ash [Anderson] and myself are finding in the Atlanta market to bring that awareness to companies because it can be one of those things that they don’t know they need, until they know they need it,” Storla said.

Anderson continued by saying, “It’s also important for companies whenever they’re hiring an intimacy director to check their credentials. What’s important about this work is that it’s not something you can just pick up and go with.”

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