KC Performs | Kansas City Ballet’s ‘Look Here, Love’

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Film offers a fresh outlet for folks who just have to dance.

That insight struck choreographer Helen Pickett as she pondered her options about a month after the pandemic had closed the venues where her work typically is performed.

“Dance films have been happening for a long time,” Pickett says, before noting that it is “something new for me.” When she pitched the idea with dancers and filmmakers in her circle, Pickett says: “People were amazing. They were like, ‘yeah, right, let’s do this.’ “

A result can be seen in the attached video.

“Look Here, Love” is part of the “The Shakespeare Cycle Triptych,” created by Pickett in collaboration with Kansas City Ballet as part of “KC Performs,” a new show on Kansas City PBS. “KC Performs” provides a broadcast stage for performers whose live venues have been darkened by the pandemic.

Prepare to be seduced by the performance.

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