Kaitlyn Bristowe dances the Contemporary

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We are onto the semi-finals on Dancing With The Stars, and Kaitlyn Bristowe danced the Contemporary and Paso Doble!

This season of Dancing With The Stars continues to fly by! We are already onto the semi-finals, and this week started with just six couples left to complete! After a perfect score last week, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev took on two dances this week and rocked them both!

Carrie Ann was Kaitlyn’s personal judge for this week’s. Redemption Round and she chose the Paso Doble as a dance. Carrie Ann said Kaitlyn was a “softer dancer” and that she needed more drama, which Kaitlyn was up for!

The pair danced the Paso Doble to “Hanuman” by Rodrigo y Gabriela, and dramatic it was as the pair spun around a red-lit floor!

Carrie Ann said the dance was “amazing,” and Kaitlyn replied that the redemption was the “best feeling ever!” Derek Hough said Kaitlyn embodied the character well and that she “sold” him. Bruno called Kaitlyn a “beautiful temptress,” and said it was “100% authentic Paso Doble!” The pair even earned a perfect score from the judges!

Kaitlyn and Artem’s second assignment this week, and the final dance of the night, was a contemporary routine to the classic Dixie Chicks song “Cowboy Take Me Away!” Who doesn’t remember that one? Seeing Artem in a cowboy hat was the best part, but the whole dance was beautiful as Kaitlyn spun around the floor in a white dress. The dance was something new and different and it definitely paid off!

Carrie Ann said all the dances were amazing and said she knew Kaitlyn would be “incredible” at the contemporary. Derek told Kaitlyn she’d never forget the opportunity to tell her story through dance. Bruno called the dance “powerful” and “beautiful.” The judges gave the pair another perfect score!

Unfortunately, it was a double-elimination this week, and the very talented Johnny Weir and Skai Jackson were both sent home, to general fury from fans. They will be greatly missed!

This really has been one of the most talented casts in recent years! 

What are you looking forward to seeing Kaitlyn Bristowe dance in the finale? Share in the comments below!

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