‘Janapada Suggi’ enthralls audience in Mysuru

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Mysuru: Karnataka Janapada Academy chairperson Manjamma Jogathi inaugurated State level cultural extravaganza, ‘Janapada Suggi’ on the occasion of World Folklore Day at Kalamandira premises here on Sunday. She urged folk artists to nurture the art among their children too to carry the tradition forward to future generations.

“Art is God. If we are sincere in it, we will get opportunities and recognition naturally,” she said.

She said they would host the award presentation ceremony in Chamarajnagar in February.

Later speaking to The Hans India, she said that in order to preserve the traditional folk art forms for future generations, they are hosting training programmes to children of artists and even general public. And she would also urge the State government to come up with a “Kala graama” in Mysuru to showcase traditional folk art forms.

When asked on the low remuneration to folk artists in Dasara jumbo savari procession, she said, she is striving her best for the well-being of artists and she would urge the authorities to ensure they got adequate remuneration, Ms Manjamma said.

Kalamandir premises came alive with ‘Gejje Maathaaduthaave’ organized as part of ‘Janapada Suggi’ wherein nine teams of male artists performed nine folk dance forms including ‘Chitmela’, ‘Urtikot’, ‘Kamsaale’, ‘Nagaari’, ‘Veeragaase’, ‘Pooja Kunitha’, ‘Thamate Vaadana’, ‘Goravara Kunitha’, ‘Suggi Kunitha’. And two teams of female artists performed two folk dance forms including ‘Dollu Kunitha’, ‘Sambaala Vaadana’.

They also hosted ‘Baaraiah Beladingale’- a folk musical event where in 16 noted folk singers sang.

Chamaraja constituency MLA L Nagendra, academy members G R Srivatsa and P M Narasimha Murthy, assistant director of department of Kannada and Culture, H Chennappa, over 200 folk artists and others participated.

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