I’ll Be Gone In The Dark And 13 Other Great 2020 Documentaries And Docuseries

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Jasper Mall (Amazon)

Once you get past the irony of Amazon distributing a documentary about a dying mall in small town in Alabama, the 2020 film Jasper Mall is one of the best titles on this list and Prime Video, for that matter. Over the course of a year, Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb popped into the once-booming mall just outside of Birmingham, Alabama, to document its employees (specifically Mike McClelland, the mall’s superintendent and the driving force to keep the place open) and visitors who do everything from shop, eat, watch gospel concerts, and play dominos. Each little vignette is filmed at a different point throughout the year, which does a remarkable job of showing the mall’s fight for survival in a dying town seemingly forgotten by time.

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