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‘Hightstown’s Got Talent’ will showcase local performing arts

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Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission logo


Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission logo

Aiming to showcase the talents of the borough, the Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission wants artistic-minded residents – singers, dancers, poets, writers and others – to take part in its inaugural “Hightstown’s Got Talent” revue.

The program, which will be hosted live on Zoom on March 20, is intended to show off the performing arts talents of Hightstown and area residents, said Ann Marie Miller, who chairs the Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission.

” ‘Hightstown’s Got Talent’ was the commission’s idea. We were trying to come up with something to showcase how people in the community are involved in the performing arts,” Miller said.

The Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission has supported the visual arts – from the mural on the wall of RISE’s Greater Goods store on Rogers Avenue, to pop-up art exhibits and the Empty Bowls fundraiser – and now it is the turn of the performing arts.

Hightstown’s Got Talent is an opportunity for people to learn more about what others in the community are doing and how they are involved in the performing arts, Miller said.

“I think it is important for people to be aware of other people in the community who are involved in the performing arts – someone who plays an instrument or writes or reads poetry,” Miller said.

Artists of all ages and cultural traditions are encouraged to enter, Miller said. Categories for the showcase include songs and music – whether original compositions or covers of songs – as well as spoken word or poetry.

There is a category for dance, including acrobatics, and sleight of hand or magic, she said.

It is even possible to submit a video recording of the making of one’s original visual art or craft.

The one-hour-long Hightstown’s Got Talent showcase will offer the best works submitted, Miller said. The criteria for selection in the showcase include poise, physical appearance, stage presence, talent and overall impression.

“The Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission’s job is to promote an awareness of art, engage people in different cultural activities, and shine a light on the diversity of the community. We want to offer opportunities (for artistic expression),” Miller said.

Information on how to enter is available at

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