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The symphony of a piano is best understood by Steinway. And in bringing its excellence to the fore one more time, the marquee has unveiled the Black Masterpiece – a limited edition of 20 state of the art pianos.

Made using high-quality veneers of olive, amber tree, tamo ash, eucalyptus, and jatoba, each of the instruments are crafted to sheer perfection. Each piece is carefully assembled by Steinway’s specialists in the color of power and dominance that best represents the marquee.

The grand pianos feature an inner rim, soundboard, and bridge in black, with the cast-iron plate and all the metal fittings in anthracite. Each of the 20 limited edition pieces is numbered and comes with a sophisticated plaque inside the case.

The luxe music instruments are equipped with Steinway’s latest technology – Spirio. They additionally bear a cable integrated into the music shelf that can be used to ‘charge the iPad delivered with the piano or to connect a USB stick’.

Commenting on it, Guido Zimmermann, president of Steinway & Sons, said: ‘The Black Masterpiece is an example of finest craftsmanship combined with incredible technology. Each of these 20 grand pianos is unique – a perfect homage to the Crown Jewels. Black Masterpiece will certainly delight music enthusiasts who appreciate extraordinary design as well as the unmistakable sound of a Steinway & Sons grand piano.’

Finished with high-quality PVD and batted to beauty, the Steinway Black Masterpiece edition is currently on display at London’s Steinway Hall. Fancy a peek of extraordinaire?

[Via: Steinway]


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