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Get Inspired By Gattimela’s Amulya To Learn Indian Classical Dance

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Gattimela actress Nisha Ravichandran aka Amulya had put up a picture of her time in college where she is seen performing an Indian classical dance. While she is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful television actresses, she’s surely inspiring us to learn an Indian classical dance form. Speaking of which, here’s why we should practice one.

It Teaches Us Patience

We’re all living in a time where we seek immediate gratification. While everything around us is moving at a considerable pace, we’re all caught up in trying to keep up with the same! Practicing an Indian classical dance form will teach you patience instantly where you will learn that everything takes time and one must enjoy the journey while at it.

Focus On The Present

Indian classical forms require understanding the mind-body-soul connection. While practicing, one will be required to be in a specific dance posture for more time than expected. It is only normal for you to want to move to the next thing. However, while learning the form, you will be required to stay in that posture. One learns to train their mind to focus on one thing for extended periods of time, thus keeping you in the present and aware of that particular moment.

Nisha Ravichandran posts a picture of her performing a classical form

Health And Flexibility

It not only builds muscle strength but also helps you in learning to breathe better. In terms of flexibility, the dance form will help tone your thighs, arms, torso and so on.


It requires you to go beyond the classes with your teacher and practice even at home. The idea behind this is to understand one’s own mind and body. Most importantly, your body learns to coordinate with rhythms. That’s how it inculcates discipline.

Spiritual Growth

Through Indian classical dances, one is able to understand the limitations of the body only to help themselves overcome the same. It is about communicating ‘rasa’. For that, you will have to be able to communicate with yourself first, which will, in turn, help you understand yourself better and aid your spiritual growth.

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