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Gattimela: Learn The Classical Dance Form Like Amulya

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Gattimela actress Nisha Ravichandran aka Amulya is multitalented as she is not only a great actress in the television industry but also a great dancer. While speaking of dance, we all know it’s a great medium to express one’s emotions. However, check out some of the more important benefits of learning a classical dance form like Amulya of Gattimela.

Amulya also decides to express her love to Vedanth just as he does but they both wonder what the right occasion to do so will be.

Meanwhile, lately in Gattimela, Vedanth brings Manju to the hall and everyone is taken by surprise as he is wearing a suit. Manju then goes on to say that Amulya has also wanted him to wear a suit, and has been collecting money for the same for many years now. They all make it an occasion as they gather to celebrate the fact that he has been such a hardworking and honest many for many years now.

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