Fortnite debuts choreography from Perth teenager and dancer Hannah Balanay after TikTok popularity

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Forget 15 minutes of fame, all it took was 15 seconds for Perth teenager Hannah Balanay to catch the eye of a billion dollar gaming company.

The budding dancer has seen her dance steps recreated by the gaming franchise Fortnite after her choreography went viral on the social media app TikTok.

In the year since she shared first shared the innocent video of herself dancing to Dua Lipa’s pop anthem Don’t Start Now, the 19-year-old has amassed more than 52 million views – that’s more than double the population of the entire country.

Balanay’s 15 seconds of fame has translated into 15 million followers, with youngsters across the globe learning the steps to her original routine.

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Now the 17.3 billion USD gaming company Epic Games, who created the Fortnite franchise, are breathing new life into Balanay’s viral moment.

The Fortnite Instagram page debuted a new dancing avatar today, known as an ‘emote’ that players can purchase in the game and features both Balanay’s original dance and popstar Lipa’s track.

An ‘emote’ is a cartoon avatar that can be purchased in-game for fun, distraction on the field or to gloat when another player dies during game play.

The feature has evolved since Fortnite was first released in mid-2017 thanks in part to the rise of the social media platform TikTok, that has seen regular people turn into social media superstars overnight.

Camera IconHannah Balanay.

In a post to her Instagram page earlier last year, Balanay said her following was growing so fast that it “scared” her.

“We are growing really fast…I mean that’s a lot of people, but I am grateful that y’all exist and (are) supporting me,” she wrote.

Balanay is part of a Perth dance performance crew called Diversity Station and has scored endorsement deals with Samsung and Footlocker.

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