Fm105.9 TheRegion announces release of China in My Eyes Series

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MARKHAM, ON, Jan. 12, 2021 /CNW/ — The series China in My Eyes documented over 50 overseas Chinese youth manifesting and inheriting different aspects of traditional Chinese culture. The production team at Fm105.9 TheRegion strives to inspire through capturing these moments of cultural inheritance.

From the high-spirited Chinese folk dance to the refined and expressive Chinese classical dance. The series also showcases the Three Kingdom‘s philosophical stories; the intriguing theatre of Journey to the west; the quintessence of Chinese culture such as Peking opera and Yue opera; and the traditional folks’ comedy art of crosstalk.

The documentary series China in My Eyes is now available on YouTube:

Preview of China in My Eyes:

Chen Zitong, a nine-year-old boy, is fascinated by the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. His favorites are Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. At such a young age, he could already recite most of the characters and plots from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Chen Zitong wishes to bring forth the great classics to more people through his narration and character acting.

Lia is a young Kung Fu master who is also the All-Round champion of the Canadian-Chinese Wushu competition and the first-prize winner in Long Fist, Dao, and stick-fighting. She was applauded for her proficient movements and heroic characteristics shown while playing young Mulan’s role in the dance drama My Mulan.

The microfilms presented these young and talented Chinese youth in Canada who re-imagined traditional Chinese culture with modern elements. What are the infusion and effects of traditional Chinese culture’s results in their daily life in Canada?  The answers are revealed in the documentary series China in My eyes.

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