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From today people in Guernsey are being told to cancel events and gatherings as well as social distance after four new cases of coronavirus were identified last night (22 January).

None of the four new positive cases can be linked to travel or contacts who have travelled.

The States of Guernsey says contract tracing is continuing to determine whether these cases are linked or if this is as a result of wider community seeding.

Care homes and the hospital are being told not to allow any visitors and Beau Sejour, which was due to host the Dance Festival and other events today is being closed to the public with immediate effect.

Supermarkets are being advised to reintroduce social distancing measures as quickly as possible and Islanders should follow that from today.

The advice to cancel events being held today is at this stage a precaution, however the Director of Public Health and the CCA do not want to see any unnecessary risks taken and would urge all Islanders to take this advice very seriously.

States of Guernsey

The Civil Contingencies Authority is meeting today and Public Health are providing updates throughout the day to inform their decision-making.

The CCA held an urgent live COVID-19 Press Briefing at midday today.

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