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Egypt’s Art House for Folklore & Performing Arts to present ‘An Evening in El-Sayedda Neighborhood’

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Veteran actor Ahmed Maher stars in the play – ET

CAIRO – 7 February 2021: Head of the Art House for Folklore and Performing Arts Adel Abdo said that the house is preparing to present the musical play “An Evening in El-Sayyeda Neighborhood”, set to be broadcast on the Ministry of Culture’s YouTube channel soon, as part of the online shows launched by the house at the end of 2020.


Abdo added that the house is continuing the theatrical photography project for the lyrical images of the Egyptian heritage.


He explained that this project started its first activities in October 2020, through the play “The Sultania” written by Abdel Fattah Mustafa, stressing that the broadcast images constitute a new platform to be added to the platforms of the Ministry of Culture, to acquaint the new generations with the artistic heritage of Egypt.


“An Evening in El-Sayyeda Neighborhood” is a musical performance that revolves around El-Sayyeda Zainab neighborhood that is rich with Islamic historical landmarks; it highlights the most important characteristics of the people of El-Sayyeda Zeinab, the region inhabited by many different sects.


The musical is directed by Mohammed el-Khouli.

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