Curtains up on Miserable Movie Marathon fundraiser Saturday morning

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DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine (WABI) – We all have those guilty pleasure bad movies we enjoy watching..

Then there are some movies that are just plain BAD.

A fundraiser in Dover Foxcroft has a little of it all…

Patrick Myers is the Executive Director of the Center Theatre in Dover Foxcroft.

“Put our heads together a fundraiser after a really awful year and figured why not watch a bunch of awful movies,” he explained.

So that’s exactly what he’s planning to do.

“Starting at 9 AM on December 26th I will be here in the theater’s new second screen watching a total of 13 truly awful movies for 24 hours straight and live streaming the whole experience on YouTube.”

Myers went on to say, “Bella Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla. Looking forward to that. An American Hippie in Israel, that will be new for me. Then there are classic awful movies like Birdemic Shock and Terror. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. It really runs the gamut between widely known bad movies and very esoterically bad movies.”

Just before the pandemic, the theatre added a second screen.

That’s where Myers will watch from.

“I really hope some people keep me honest by tuning in to the YouTube live stream and make sure I haven’t fallen asleep during Cats or Howard the Duck,” he said. “Give me some interaction during this whole 24 hours. I’m also hoping you know we did raise some money to make this happen but I’m hoping that some folks enjoy the spectacle of it all and make some donations during that to the Center Theatre during the event.”

You can find the list of the tentative schedule and a link to donate on the Theatre’s website.

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