Crash Landing on You to The King: Eternal Monarch; Hilarious K drama references in Moon Ga Young’s True Beauty

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*SPOILERS ALERT* With fans loving True Beauty’s crisp storytelling and earnest performances by the youthful cast, we look at some hilarious K-drama references that have been made so far on the popular tvN drama.

December 2020 is ending on a good note in the K-drama sphere as we have shows like True Beauty giving us some much-needed company. Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, the tvN drama is turning out to be an unmissable series with a very interesting cast to boast about including Moon Ga-young, ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo, Hwang In-yeob and Park Yoo-na.

*SPOILERS ALERT* Given the youthful storytelling of True Beauty, it doesn”t come as much a surprise that there have been several pop culture references being made on the show. Whether it be Lim Ju-gyeong (Ga-young) dancing to MAMAMOO member Hwasa’s hit single Maria or the several subtle ASTRO easter eggs, there are tons of references to get viewers excited. Amongst them, we also have True Beauty recreating some classic romantic K-drama sequences but with tons of hilarity interlaced in them.

Let’s take a look at three K-dramas which were hilariously referenced to in True Beauty below:

Extraordinary You

True Beauty PD (producing director) Kim Sang-hyub also directed Extraordinary You and hence, making cameos to show their support for his new show were Kim Hye-yoon and Lee Jae-wook. The pair is seen reprising their beloved Extraordinary You characters Eun Dan-oh and Baek Kyung.  The True Beauty Ep 4 scene they are included in sees Lee Su-ho (Eun-woo) spying on Ju-gyeong and her date at a movie theatre. When he sees a couple going in for a kiss, he thinks it’s Ju-gyeong and jumps through seats to roughly pull them apart. Turns out it was Dan-oh and Baek Kyung who were rudely interrupted by Su-ho. In what made Extraordinary You fans laugh out loud was how quickly Dan-oh snapped out of it and ran away from Baek Kyung but not before yelling out Ha-ru’s (Rowoon) name.

Crash Landing on You

In True Beauty Ep 5, we see Ju-gyeong’s problems with her ‘makeup’ face mounting up as she’s not only encountering and running away from the bullies in her previous school but also finds herself in between Su-ho and Han Seo-joon’s intense rivalry. While returning back from school, a sullen Ju-gyeong notices Seo-joon’s bike being parked right outside her house as he had told her he would when she kept refusing to take his keys (in an attempt to woo her and make Su-ho jealous). However, the bike had an occupant which was none other than Ju-gyeong’s younger brother Im Ju-young (Kim Min-gi) who proved to be a big fan of Crash Landing on You by recreating the fan-favourite CLOY scene in which Ri Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin) becomes Yoon Se-ri’s (Son Ye-jin) knight in shining armour on a bike when he finds out she’s in danger. Reenacting Jung-hyuk’s famous dialogue while closing off his helmet in the same style as Bin, Ju-young quips while pretending to ride the bike, “I made a promise that as long as I see her, I’ll protect her.” An annoyed Ju-gyeong smacks her brother on his head through the helmet putting an end to his K-drama parade.

The King: Eternal Monarch

From one classic 2020 K-drama to another; True Beauty Ep 5 also saw a hilarious reference to The King: Eternal Monarch. In a funny dream sequence, Ju-gyeong envisions going on a school trip without her makeup on with all her classmates looking at her in utter bewilderment. However, saving her from embarrassment was none other than Su-ho who comes riding on a horse while adorning a royal attire starkly similar to Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho). Even Ju-gyeong dons a tan winter coat similar to Jeong Tae-eul’s (Kim Go-eun) in the recreated scene which abruptly ends when Su-ho’s head turns into that of a pig. That’s the moment when Ju-gyeong is harshly woken up from her bizarre dream.

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Which K-drama reference in True Beauty was your personal favourite? Which other K-drama references do you hope will be recreated in True Beauty? Share your pick with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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