Comedian Bill Bailey tangoing to ‘Enter Sandman’ is chaotic and stunning

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Image: BBC Strictly Come Dancing/YouTube

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Comedian Bill Bailey dancing the tango to the Metallica classic ‘Enter Sandman’ may just be the greatest clip of 2020.

Britain has been agog at the wild and wonderful Bailey every Saturday evening over the past few months. Taking part in the reality competition Strictly Come Dancing, he’s now made it to the final stage.

The show always has a few comic contestants, expected to bring nothing but light relief to proceedings. Perhaps Bailey, with his shaggy hair and hippy outlook, was initially thought to fill this role. He’s gloriously had other ideas though.

A truly gifted musician who has perfect pitch, he’s impressed week-upon-week with surprisingly great dancing. It’s not surprising once you see his moves. The long-time ardent metalhead hasn’t been content to settle for just quaint Charleston numbers and play it safe. As per Kerrang, on the weekend Bailey and his dance partner Oti Mabuse whipped out a tango to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ for their second dance of the evening.

It certainly brought proper rock ‘n roll into the living rooms of grandparents the country over. Strutting atop a giant flaming electric guitar projected onto the floor, Bailey’s eyes displayed such passion and intensity, with Mabuse more than matching him.

Class be gone, proficiency be damned: as Bailey so simply tweeted after he finished his dance, “Keep rocking.”

The comedian has previous with Metallica, often playing their music onstage during his standup shows, including at Sonisphere Festival in 2011.

Bailey is a comic icon, regularly being voted as one of the greatest stand-ups of all time. His routines usually incorporate music, playing everything from guitar to keyboard, bongos to kazoo. He also starred in the cult British sitcom Black Books.

His run on Strictly has been such a phenomena that The Guardian even covered his progress. Just give him the title, Strictly. It’s the victory that 2020 needs.

Check out Bill Bailey’s full tango to ‘Enter Sandman’:


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