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Classical dance maestro loves spending time with plants : The Tribune India

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SD Sharma
Chandigarh, April 8

Maintaining her tradition of excellence as an acclaimed classical dance maestro, an avid performer, teacher, author and art administrator, kathak guru Dr Shobha Koser (75) has completed six decades of her dignified and eventful life. Married at 17 to ML Koser, she came to Chandigarh 58 years ago when it was indeed the “City Beautiful”.

Koser, who is currently the registrar of Pracheen Kala Kendra, an institute founded by her late dancer husband ML Koser, who promoted Indian classical arts with over 3,700 accredited centres in India and abroad, shared, “My passion for dance had kept me awfully busy. Now, I am concerned about the Covid pandemic, which has shattered my routine and creativity pursuits, forcing us all to confine ourselves to the four walls of our house. But since it is in national interest, we must follow the requisite rules formulated to control the deadly virus,” she observed. Koser said, “Now, instead of going for a morning walk, I spend time with my plants and take care of them. It’s really rejuvenating to be close to nature.”

“As classical dance has the elements of drama, poetry, literature and visual art, I devote some time to study all these aspects of aesthetic significance. I keep reviewing and rewriting the manuscript of my new book “Abhigyan Part (II)” on classical dances for postgraduate classes. Besides, I am in the process of evolving new dance compositions. The best part is the family dance practice session in the evening.”

“My heart goes out to those facing the fury of the deadly disease. I am constantly in touch with my disciples in the region and abroad to extend help to the needy, console and inspire them to display courage to fight out,” she said.

“I am inspired by my young granddaughter, Dr Chahat Puri, who is taking pride in treating Covid patients in the US while working 12 hours a day. She calls me up almost every day and keeps me updated on Covid,” Koser said.

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