Clarisa Casals-Castillo’s new book Memorias de un Secuestro, a gripping recounting of the author’s harrowing experience of being kidnapped

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Clarisa said this about her book: “The narrative contained in this book largely constitutes the author’s memories stitched together after her rescue from the place where she remained for two months, twenty-two days, eighteen hours, and forty minutes. In it, the author weaves her routine of life after leaving and returning to normality with the events that occurred since she left her home on the day of the kidnapping with those raised in the place of confinement until the day of her rescue. There is no talk of that day because from there, it is only possible to speak of apprehension, confinement, or retention and rescue, understanding the latter as the product of a commando operation made up of officials belonging to various police forces of the Venezuelan state at the national and regional levels, causing fatal consequences for The Guardian.

In a very simple and moderate way, it refers to the mistreatment and threats suffered and the videos made by the kidnappers to present them as proof of life to the family members. Her nightmares, some more excruciating than others, given the emotional impact caused when waking up from them. In the same vein, it refers to the decision of the courts of justice before some of the participants in this event and their return to normal life, their work as a television presenter, and their passion for studying and traveling, all without leaving to play according to her customary style. Other events of greater or lesser relevance, she has had to witness or simply observe through the written press or radio, television, or what she already considers her long life.”

Published by Page Publishing, Clarisa Casals-Castillo’s new book Memorias de un Secuestro conveys the author’s grueling and unnerving circumstances while being kidnapped that affected her emotional and mental state, leaving scars and wisdom about life and freedom.

Consumers who wish to learn about a woman’s real-life troubles while being kidnapped can purchase Memorias de un Secuestro online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries, you can contact Page Publishing, through the following number: 866-315-2708.

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