Burn 800+ calories with this ballet-inspired full body workout

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Had one too many servings of Christmas dinner? Doing this ballet-inspired full body workout can help you burn off some of the excess calories. This home workout doesn’t require much equipment either; what’s needed will be discussed below. Ready for some post-Christmas exercising?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, “research shows that with the extra calories consumed across all of the celebrations during the festive season, we can gain on average around 1kg (roughly 2lbs).” There is no need to panic, though: not overeating definitely keeping the pounds off but even if you let yourself go for a bit, you can easily get rid of the excess fat by doing a bit more exercising in the following days/weeks.

(Image credit: Rhea Sheedy / Ballet Fusion)

We asked Rhea Sheedy, Royal Academy of Dance-trained instructor and founder of Ballet Fusion, a fitness fusion company built upon traditional ballet techniques with elements of pilates, yoga and fitness, to put together a unique workout for the readers of T3.

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