Brighton Author’s Children’s Book Parallels Pandemic Safety

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December 12, 2020

By Mike Kruzman / [email protected]

A local author has written a magical book to help children understand the pandemic going on around them.

Brighton author Carol Trembath is the award winning writer of the Water Walkers Series and Out of Slavery: A Novel of Harriet Tubman. Inspired by fairy folklore during a trip to Ireland, she channeled that interest into a children’s book when the pandemic began. “Fairies and the Global Tree to the Rescue: A Tale of the Fairy Flu” tells the tale of fairies who are becoming sick with the “fairy flu,” and seek the guidance of their Global Tree, the Fairy Council, and their Fairy Godmother. Trembath says it is a gentle story aimed at helping little ones feel more comfortable in these times. She told WHMI, “As an educator and a librarian, I thought what would be a good way to help children feel more comfortable. Right now, they hear what’s going on. They’re worried, a little frightened. It’s a way to help them overcome their reluctance or nervousness with things like wearing a mask and washing their hands.” Trembath said the book touches on universal themes that touch all of our hearts and speaks to the fairies that are in us and around us, but that we cannot see.

She teamed up with noted Michigan illustrator Lori Taylor who provided all of the artwork in just seven weeks. “Fairies and the Global Tree…” is recommended for kids 4 to 8, though Trembath says she’s heard from teachers of older elementary-aged kids that believe they can find value in it as well.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Tune in this Sunday Morning at 8:30 for WHMI’s Viewpoint when Trembath will be the special guest, sharing more about her book and lots about the magic of fairies.

Check out her website, below.

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