Body and Lens International Screening Dance Festival and Seminar

In the continuing times of fear, and loss of space – we need to celebrate and boost the undaunted spirit of artists, who have searched and successfully found new avenues to keep their art alive through the screen by combining two distinct, powerful and related vocabularies of self-expression i.e. dance and film that brings new possibilities to both the genres of specialized practices. 

Body and Lens International Screen(ing) Dance Festival and Seminar online on (17th-18th July 2021) is conceptualized by Dr Urmimala Sarkar , organized by Sastrika Unit of Performing Arts( https://www.facebook.com/Sastrika-a-unit-of-performing-arts-701491736655864/ ),artistic director of Koushik Podder (https://www.linkedin.com/in/koushik-podder-01652a106 ) and  Leo’s Lions Film production company (Www.leoslions.in ), CEO of Vimlesh Lal (Www.vimleshlal.com ) in creative direction and consultation with Duet with Camera. This will be India’s first non-profit Screen dance festival organized by the collective effort of artists, scholars, practitioners from the field of dance and films, out of sheer love and passion. However, in the current crisis of art funding during COVID in India, we are in desperate need of funds to make this festival possible not only for now, but the following editions.

As a festival, we believe strongly in community funding. We need your support for Promotion (Rs 30,000), Management (Rs 35,000), Covid-Relief Fund ForArtist Support (Rs 15,000,0)  and to be able to support the artists who are dedicating their time for making this festival a success. This festival promises two days of powerful engagement with the world of dance and cinema.

Detail Budget:

Promotion – 30,000 INR

Management – 35,000 INR

Covid-Relief Fund for The Artist Support- 1, 50000.00 INR

Total- 2, 15000.00 INR

Please play a role in ensuring that BLISF 2021 takes place! Support generously and pass on the donation call to all your friends, lovers, family, colleagues and social media networks! 

Support BLISF 2021 by donating!

BLISF thanks you in advance!

Know more about it at  www.https://www.duetwithcamera.com/body-and-lens-festival2021


We, as festival organizers. aspire to showcase the efforts around the democratizing of embodied storytelling, i.e. storytelling with the masses, for the masses and by the masses. We would like to join the community of artists in an proactive, enabling and safe space for experimentation and collaboration by foregrounding works that bring together creative and artistic efforts that have achieved an outcome out of a collaborative and triangular relationship between dance, camera and the space. BLISF will be the first of its kind and a unique festival that will encompass remarkable, experimental and game-changing voices from national and international makers. We see this not as a Dance festival but a medium and platform to connect, sensitize and invite people not just from the community but outside to be a part while forming solid alliances which has a potential to create a ripple effect. 

We as festival organizers have a dream of spreading Screen dance / Dance for Camera by creating a local yet global pedagogy in India for Screen dance that will bring concrete discussion between experts teaching this interdisciplinary field in different national and international universities globally. We hope that this festival will also be the space for a series of three webinar / seminars to formulate a pedagogic discourse around a syllabus for teaching Screen dance / Dance for Camera – bringing in experts from internationally reputed universities from different parts of the world. We are already in conversation with a number of experts in the fields of Screen dance, performance and dance studies. Our vision for Body and Lens for years to come is: Dance for/with/on Camera as a means to propagate Dance Film Studies in India for future generation, on a way to better understand the relationship between Body & Camera, and a way for cultural sustainability in India.

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