Bayreuth comes to the Capitol – Slipped Disc


Now that the hitherto-closeted first world is beginning to understand what third world banana republics endure election after election, perhaps we will see more outrage at the tolerance by first world, leftist politicians of dictators like Nicolas Maduro, who manage to succeed year after year where Trump – thanks to the separation of powers – fails.

Imagine not only raiding the Capitol, but replacing it entirely with an all new, hand-picked legislature. Imagine taking protesters who dare speak against such usurpation and killing them in the streets, or capturing and torturing them, or having Cuban murder squads shoot them dead in their homes. Imagine starving the nation into submission. Imagine REALLY stealing every election since the mid-2000s. Imagine running an international drug syndicate out of the White House. Imagine, imagine, imagine. Venezuelans don’t have to!

So many leftist politicians in the first world support Nicolas Maduro and openly claim him to be a “legitimate” leader. It is obscene. They did it in on the floor of the House of Commons in 2019 when aid agencies were trying to deliver life-saving food and medicines. Here, in the classical music community, you fawn over Gustavo Dudamel – the “Dude”, you call him – a man who willingly propagandised Chavismo/Madurismo for well over a decade all over the globe, and a close personal friend of the current head of that new usurper legislature, the truly vile Jorge Rodriguez.

Isn’t it time we align our values into some sort of globally-applicable, coherent moral code? Or is vile hypocrisy justified by financial profit and personal ideology?


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