Dr. Arkadev Bhattacharya, Classical Dance : Kolkata

Dr. Arkadev Bhattacharya established own institute Niharika Centre for Performing Arts and formed a dance troupe, travelled all over the country and abroad, participated in many prestigious festivals of India. He has worked in television and stage and is comfortable in water ballet and synchronised swimming. He has performed in many dance festivals across the country and abroad and earned accolades. He has created his own style of choreography where he blends Indian aesthetics with universal appeal. His presentation and work always have left a mark of signature. He and his wife have tried to blend two popular classical dance forms of India, Bharatnatyam and Odissi and performed almost 50 (fifty) various festival widely. Invited by UNESCO to visit Germany in the year 2006 for a cultural exchange programme. He has also visited Canada to perform and to conduct workshops and to train the local talents for the 150th year celebrations in Canada.

His productions include:

  • Shabda Krida” A piece of choreography on various sounds level of ankle bells emerge during the foot work of Bharatnatyam
  • Trayam Sangethan Uchhate” A production based on Vadya, raga sangeetham and Tagore’s song
  • “Bandhan” a collage of Bharatnatyam & Odissi
  • Dhanyo ami matir pore” dance drama based on Chandalika
  • Kaalmrigaya” based on Tagore’s script
  • Meghdutam” Based on Kalidaas’s script
  • “Sahajpath” Tagore’s creation made for children

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