Ariana Grande’s Inner Circle & Sweetener Touring Crew Including Choreographer Twins…

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16 December 2020, 16:03

Ariana Grande’s inner circle and tour crew as Sweetener tour doc drops.

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Ariana Grande never heads out on tour without her closest collaborators and friends including twins Brian and Scott who choreographed her ‘Sweetener World Tour’ shows and star on ‘Excuse Me, I Love You’.

Ariana Grande may be a solo artist, but she has an incredibly talented team around her she also calls her best friends who feature on her Netflix tour documentary, Excuse Me, I Love You.

So, who are Ari’s inner circle and touring crew who are now basically famous in their own right, when did she meet them, and how long have they been working with the ‘Positions’ singer?

Why Is Ariana Grande’s Netflix Documentary Called ‘Excuse Me, I Love You’?

‘The Twins’ Brian and Scott Nicholson- Choreographers

Ariana Grande is never without choreographers and dancers Brian and Scott by her side
Ariana Grande is never without choreographers and dancers Brian and Scott by her side.

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Perhaps Ariana’s best known collaborators are her choreographers and best friends, Brian and Scott Nicholson who she’s been working with since the start of her pop career.

They have worked with Ariana for almost a decade and as well as choreographing her sellout arena shows, they join her as dancers on stage in practically every number.

As the Netflix documentary shows, they are always joking around and laughing with Ariana, their ‘third sibling’ and clearly provide her with much-needed familiarity and comfort when they are on the road.

They have been by the singer’s side throughout everything including the 2017 Manchester Attack that unsurprisingly left them shaken.

Alfredo Flores- photographer

Alfredo Flores is an incredible photographer who has worked with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Rihanna before committing being Ariana’s official photographer for almost every occasion and most definitely her tours.

He rose to notoriety working with Biebs for years before he’d even released ‘Baby’ and filmed his Never Say Never tour film, just like he created Ari’s Dangerous Woman Tour Diaries documentary available to watch on YouTube.

He met Ariana when she was opening for Justin on his ‘Believe’ tour and the rest it history.

If you’re seeing a professional shot on Ariana’s Instagram page it was most likely shot by Alfredo and if you’re lucky enough to get on one of her tours, he’ll undoubtedly be there catching every epic moment!

Social House- Mikey Foster & Charles ‘Scootie’ Anderson

Ariana Grande had Social Media open for her on
Ariana Grande had Social Media open for her on “Sweetener World Tour” – London.


Mikey Foster and Scootie Anderson, AKA Social House, met through Ariana’s long time collaborator and BFF, producer Tommy Brown.

They penned and produced two of Ariana’s enormous hits she toured on Sweetener, ‘thank u, next’ and ‘7 Rings’ and they were her opening acts throughout the tour.

Musical collaborators and close friends, Ari also had a huge hit ‘Boyfriend’ with the musical pair and there have been rumours she and Mikey Foster were more than friends but this has never been confirmed.

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