Archives On The Air 237: “I Licked A Stamp” — Minnie Corum Papers


Minnie Corum wrote a memoir titled “I Licked a Stamp” that detailed her life as postmistress in Encampment, Wyoming, from 1918 to 1946.

She was not only a longtime postmistress, she was a successful problem-solver.

One snowy Christmas the mail was delayed for four days and no one received their Christmas packages.

Once the mail arrived, Corum quickly organized a project to deliver all the mail since there were too many packages to fit in the post office.

She called everyone around town, and they had a big party delivering mail straight from the mail sacks to the gathered crowd.

It took only four hours to unload four days’ worth of mail.

Learn more about Minnie Corum in her memoir at UW’s American Heritage Center.


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